The Adobe PDF Library and Windows support

Adobe PDF Library supports Windows 8 and Windows 10, but not Metro UI and Windows Runtime. Library applications developed under Windows 7 or earlier continue to run on Windows 8 and Windows 10 in legacy mode.

Non-Metro applications execute in this environment and enjoy the same user interface and programming interfaces that are currently available with Windows 7. Adobe PDF Library based applications will run in this mode.

With Windows 8, Microsoft introduced the Metro UI and the Windows Runtime (Metro and WinRT). Metro applications can only use WinRT - based components and system calls.

Adobe PDF Library

  1. System Requirements, the Adobe PDF Library
  2. System Requirements, the Adobe PDF Library .NET and Java Interfaces
  3. The Adobe PDF Library and Windows support
  4. Using Adobe Systems logos and trademarks
  5. Adobe PDF Library: Color Processing
  6. PDDocColorConvertPage and de-calibration
  7. What API or procedure can retrieve the ICC Profile Name associated with an ICC-Based element?
  8. Can the PDF Library be used to add trapping instructions to a PDF document?
  9. Does the Library support trapping when printing PDF files?
  10. Can I extract information about all colors (process and custom) used in a PDF file without stepping through all elements of the PDF?
  11. Is the Adobe Color Engine replaceable with the ICM2.0 engine from Windows and vice versa?
  12. How can I separate all spot planes into separate PDFs?
  13. What method should I use to draw a complete defined color image to memory?
  14. How do I extract the alternate color values of a separation color?
  15. Can the background color of the buffer be set when rendering a PDF page?
  16. How would I extract information about all colors (process and custom) used in a PDF document without needing to step through all of the elements in that document?
  17. Adobe PDF Library: Errors and Error Messages
  18. Is there any other way to trap an exception besides DURING/HANDLER constructs?
  19. Can error messages from the Adobe PDF Library PDFLException class be presented in multiple languages, other than English?
  20. Why does my application hang or crash during Linearization?
  21. Why do I get junk characters for some PDF documents when extracting text using the WordFinder?
  22. Why are some links missing when enumerating annotations in a PDF?
  23. Why do I see the error “Can't load AMD 64-bit .dll on a IA 32-bit platform” when running a 64-bit APDFL Windows Java application?
  24. The Java and .NET ImageExtraction sample program fails to extract all of the images found in a PDF document.
  25. When starting the Library on a 64 bit system, I see an initialization error.
  26. When running the DLE Java samples on the Mac, I am getting an "Exception in thread 'main' java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no com-datalogics-DL81PDFL in java.library.path."
  27. Application throws an exception and returns "Error message: Incorrect PDEObject type"
  28. Adobe PDF Library: File Management
  29. Can the Adobe PDF Library process FDF files?
  30. Can the Adobe PDF Library create PDF/A Output automatically?
  31. Can the Adobe PDF Library create PDF/X output automatically?
  32. Can I use the Adobe PDF Library to update a PDF/A document without losing the PDF/A compliance for that document?
  33. Can the Library convert Word documents to PDF?
  34. Can the Library process password protected files?
  35. How can I convert EPS files to PDF within my application?
  36. Which is the best way to create a PDF document with optional content groups or "Layers"?
  37. Can the text be extracted from a PDF and stored in XML format?
  38. Can I use the Adobe PDF Library to convert different input formats to PDF?
  39. Can I access XFA forms using the Adobe PDF Library?
  40. Describe the PDF Package and the PDF Portfolio.
  41. Adobe PDF Library: File Size
  42. How do I save the smallest PDF files possible?
  43. How large can a PDF document be, in inches?
  44. Can I determine the size of a PDF document before writing it?
  45. Adobe PDF Library: Fonts and CMaps
  46. Guidelines for placing text with the Datalogics Unicode APIs
  47. Can APDFL set text using base 14 fonts without corresponding fonts on the system?
  48. Can APDFL be used to simulate italic or bold if the system only has the regular typeface?
  49. What is the difference between font embedding and font subsetting?
  50. When are fonts and CMaps needed as resources?
  51. Can I add barcodes to a PDF with the Adobe PDF Library?
  52. How do I subset a font using only the Adobe PDF Library?
  53. Creating Unicode bookmarks
  54. Managing subset characters when embedding fonts in a PDF document.
  55. Searching Font Resource Directories when Adobe PDF Library Initializes
  56. Adobe PDF Library: Generating PDF Documents
  57. We see temporary files being written to disk while using the in-memory file system.
  58. Creating and setting links to double byte (CJKV) named filenames
  59. Describe the doRepair parameter on the PDDocOpen call
  60. Can APDFL open PDF documents from a memory stream (file in memory) rather than from disk?
  61. How can I create a bookmark in the PDF document that can lead to another page?
  62. What COS objects need to be released or destroyed after generating PDF documents?
  63. How do I work with PDF Internal Data Structures using PDFLInitHFT?
  64. Can the PDF Library open PDF files with Unicode file names?
  65. What is the difference between a text watermark created by Acrobat and one created by the Adobe PDF Library PDDocAddWatermarkFromText API?
  66. Can the Adobe PDF Library provide Reader Enablement for documents?
  67. Is it possible to delete or replace text in a PDF document?
  68. Can I extract data from a 2-D barcode found on a PDF form document?
  69. How can I extract text from a PDF using the Java or .NET interface?
  70. Which API do I use to split a PDF file?
  71. How do I combine multiple PDF documents into one document?
  72. Why aren't some changes to Java and .NET objects reflected in PDF output?
  73. Adobe PDF Library: Graphics Processing
  74. How do you calculate the PPI of a PDF image (XObject)?
  75. How can I extract a reference to an image XObject in a page in a PDF document?
  76. How do I insert an image into a PDF document?
  77. How can I control image smoothing?
  78. What graphics formats are supported for input?
  79. What support does the Library have for 3D graphics?
  80. Adobe PDF Library: Multi-Threading
  81. Problem with APDFL multi-threaded application working with IBM AIX
  82. Are all versions of Adobe PDF Library and the .NET and Java Interfaces thread safe?
  83. Working with multi-threaded applications on HP-UX
  84. Adobe PDF Library: Page Processing
  85. What does PDDocInsertPages do internally?
  86. How do I add annotations to graphs in PDF documents?
  87. What are the differences between PDPageGetMediaBox and PDPageGetSize?
  88. When rendering a page to Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), are transparent objects flattened?
  89. How does the PDF Library work with a document's OutputIntent?
  90. Is the PDFEdit layer robust enough to use for higher level editing of PDF files, as opposed to using the content streams directly?
  91. Is there a way to render intrinsic PDF thumbnails similar to the way PDPageDrawContentsToMemory renders pages?
  92. How can I find all the links in a PDF document?
  93. The values returned from PDPageGetBBox don't match the page size values shown by Acrobat.
  94. What do the elements a, b, c, d, h, v mean in a matrix like the ASFixedMatrix?
  95. How do you add JavaScript to a PDF so that it executes when opening?
  96. Adobe PDF Library: Printing
  97. How is PDFLPrintUserParamsRec.portName used by PDFLPrintDoc?
  98. Can the PDF be sent to a film plotter rather than a printer?
  99. Can I write PostScript output to a file and print it later?
  100. How do I specify PostScript or PCL print output?
  101. How can I specify "Print All Pages"?
  102. How can my application print a document created with DLI methods?
  103. After using PDPageDrawContentsToWindow(), all the previous rendered content on the device context is erased, even if the page is empty.
  104. How do I print a PDF from Windows without using the PrintUserParameters structure?
  105. When printing, how can I expand an undersized document page to fit the paper?
  106. What does the transparencyQuality setting in the PrintDPF sample do?
  107. I use Document.Print in DLE. Can I set/control the N-up setting when printing?
  108. Adobe PDF Library: Properties and Metadata
  109. Is it possible to specify an older PDF version compliance level with a newer Adobe PDF Library release?
  110. How can I change the PDF version number in my output files?
  111. Can I use the Adobe PDF Library to display or edit PDF document properties?
  112. Is there a simple way to identify a file as being a PDF?
  113. Is it possible to get the data points for a PDE Path?
  114. Removing the PDF/A schema using the PDF Library Java and .NET interfaces
  115. Adobe PDF Library: Rendering Functions
  116. Can I use PDPageDrawContentsToMemory to render the PDF to a B/W (1 bit) image?
  117. When I render a PDF that is a dynamic XFA form, I see an error message: "Warning: This form is not supported with the current version of Acrobat or Acrobat Reader"
  118. Why does the PDPageDrawContentsToWindow method render annotations on a PDF page, but PDPageDrawContentsToWindowEx will not?
  119. Missing Fonts when Printing
  120. Can the Library convert PDF files to images?
  121. Why are we getting dark pages, patterns and grid lines when compressing a scanned document?
  122. Can the user render the objects in a PDF document in a particular order?
  123. What calibrations are used when ripping a PDPage in memory?
  124. Adobe PDF Library: Security and Permissions
  125. How can I redact text in a PDF document?
  126. I have a PDF document that is locked to avoid editing. I have the password, but I want to change the password and permissions.
  127. What type of password encryption does the PDF Library support?
  128. How can I embed information in an existing PDF document and keep it private?
  129. Adobe PDF Library: System Management and Processes
  130. When does the Library read into memory the resources for a PDF page, and when will it release those resources from memory?
  131. Are there any problems nesting try/catch blocks and DURING/HANDLER blocks, especially using Visual Studio .NET?
  132. Why does PDPageAcquirePDEContent API occasionally return a NULL?
  133. Is a digitally signed version of the PDF Library available?
  134. When building my APDFL app, can I shorten the Struct Member Alignment in the Code Generation entry of my Visual Studio project properties?
  135. I'm building an Adobe PDF Library application, not a plug-in. Should I use the HFT init or the PLUGIN definition used by the Library sample programs?
  136. Can I extend the DLE .NET interface to include APDFL functions that are not yet supported?
  137. Can the APDFL Java interface be used on CentOS?
  138. Font Resource Directories on Unix
  139. Configure Eclipse to Run the Java Samples on Windows

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