How can I get DL Pager to typeset multiple lines of white text on a black background?

Use DL Pager's text rules and color functions:

[kl]Define rule number 222, which has a lead
[kl]offset of 1 point and a thickness as wide
[kl]as the current column:
[rn 222,.1,w]
[kl]Define a rule named xxx which starts
[kl]1 point to the left of column 1.
[kl]Use the rule thickness defined in
[kl]rule number 222.
[dr xxx,lc1-.1,222]
[kl]Define color 0 as black,
[kl]1 as white:
[cda 0,0,0,0,10000;1,0,0,0,0]
[kl]Change color to black, set the color
[kl]layer to 0:
[kl]Cancel any running indents:
[kl]Start the vertical text rule using
[kl]rule xxx, 8 points above the current
[kl]baseline. Adjust the offset as needed:
[bv xxx;-.8]
[kl]Set up a 1 point indent so the
[kl]reversed text we set doesn't touch
[kl]the edges of the rule:
[ia .1,.1,.1,.1]
[kl]Add 5 points of conditional leading
[kl]above the current line and change
[kl]Change color to white, and output
[kl]at level 1; this means it will
[kl]overlay the black level 0 rule:
[kl]Set type, switch back to black:
Set text that runs several lines[cc0,0]
[kl]End the paragraph, cancel indent all
[kl]End the vertical rule. Adjust the
[kl]vertical offset as needed:

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