Release Notes

ACS Version 6.5 - October 2015

What is new in this release:

This release enables seamless fulfillment of books across devices. With this new feature, when a consumer fulfills a book on one device, the book will be automatically downloaded to all the other devices that belong to this consumer (activated using the same user ID).

ACS Version 6.0 - September 2014

What is new in this release:

This release includes new features that enable distributors to avail variable pricing based on Geo, MRP, and subscription. Now, ACS also supports bulk fulfillment and school models on multiple devices for distribution across organizations. For detailed information on new features, see ContentServer_Whats_new.pdf in the release folder.

ACS Version 5.0 - Jan. 2014

What is new in this release:

  • DRM Hardening - Digital Rights Management scheme to protect ePub and PDF files from unauthorized viewing is now made more secure. You can configure ACS to harden the DRM for additional security.
  • PDF search Performance Improvement - Performance improvements to PDF text search when the text is not present in the specified range.

ACS Version 4.2 - Dec. 2012

The important new features in this release are:

  • Special handling for the encryption during packaging of audio and video content within ePub3 documents. When viewing or playing back this content, a viewer can randomly access portions of the content for decryption; it is not necessary to decrypt the content sequentially from the start. This allows a viewer to support user scrolling through potentially very large content streams without having to process the entire stream, or buffering the unencrypted contents to temporary storage.
  • Tracking of the new ePub3-required dcterms:modified metadata element in the ACS 4.2 database schema. This element, together with dc:identifier, are specified in ePub3 to form a unique identifier for the document.

You can update previous versions of ACS to version 4.2.

XMLSigningSerializer.php Code Update - June 2012

Datalogics has an updated version of XMLSigningSerializer.php that can properly generates the HMAC code for ACS web API request. For licensed customer, the updated php file can be found on our ftp site, under the ACS release folder. For evaluation customers, please contact to obtain an updated version.

ACS Version 4.1.2 - Sept. 2012

ACS 4.1.2 is a patch release to ACS 4.1.1. This release fixed the issues listed here. To update from ACS 4.1.1 is a simple process that requires only replacing the war files for each server component.

  • Under previous versions, certain PDF files would result in the error "com.adobe.internal.pdftoolkit.core.exceptions.PDFIOException: Invalid slice of Bytestream". ACS 4.1.2 includes a fix to allow these certain PDF files to be correctly packaged.
  • A fix for an issue with generating URLLink.acsm files with very long expiration periods. Previously, attempting to generate the URLLink.acsm file with an expiration period of greater than approximately 29 days would result in an already expired URLLink.acsm file.

ACS Version 4.1.1 - March 2011

ACS 4.1.1 is a patch release to ACS 4.1.0. This release fixed the issues listed here. To update from ACS 4.1.0 is a simple process that requires only replacing the war files for each server component.

  • This release includes a fix for a defect with the way fulfillments are recorded for an expiring loan. In the defect, if a loaned resource was re-fulfilled by the same user after the original loan had expired, the new loan would expire within just a few milliseconds. End users would see this problem if they then re-used this second fulfillment request. Using Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), this would result in the error message “No record for this loan is found on this machine, it may have been returned.”

ACS Version 4.1.0 - November 2010

ACS 4.1.0 is a major new release of Adobe Content Server. To update from ACS 4.0.x versions to ACS 4.1.x versions requires database migration. Major changes in this release include:

  • Support for fulfillment of files using a password-based encryption of the document key known as PassHash. Support for reading these files was added in the Reader Mobile SDK in the 9.1. Support for fulfillment was added in RMSDK 9.2. PassHash just changes the way the license is created, and does NOT require repackaging of any content.
  • Support for the element. This allows publishers to specify whether a document may be spoken via text-to-speech. If no permissions are specified during packaging, then this permission (along with all others) will be granted. Please see the User Guide for more info.
  • Data Paging. The results sets of a query can now be paged, to present a smaller dataset, which reduces both database load and transmission time for queries that would not result in large datasets.
  • The Admin Console now uses data paging to display results, making it usable with very large datasets.

Adobe Content Server

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  7. Activations in Adobe RMSDK and Adobe Digital Editions
  8. Adobe Vendor ID specifications
  9. Vendor ID Workflow
  10. Changing the fulfillment URL in ACS
  11. Developing and Using Packaging Tools in ACS
  12. Adding Digital Rights Management (DRM) permission tags to eBooks when packaging them
  13. How does passhash work in Adobe Content Server and RMSDK reader applications?
  14. Join Account Workflow and Multiple Activations
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  22. Working with Readium
  23. Adobe Content Server: Errors and Error Messages
  24. Admin Console Login Error
  25. Admin Console in ACS not handling large numbers of books
  26. Could not load database driver, ACS Status check 404/500 error
  27. E_ACT_SCHOOL_MODEL_INCOMPATIBLE_SOFT error, incorrect version of ADE
  28. E_ADEPT_CORE_LOAN_SIGNATURE error from Adobe Content Server
  31. E_ADEPT_DOCUMENT_TYPE_UNKNOWN error from ADE or other readers
  32. E_ADEPT_IO error from Adobe E-Book Reader Applications
  33. E_ADEPT_MISSING_ELEMENT from Adobe Content Server
  34. E_ADEPT_NO_TOKEN error Getting License: License Server Communication Problem:
  35. E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED: Ebook download error from ADE or other e-readers
  37. E_ADEPT_UNKNOWN and Out of Memory error from ACS packaging
  39. E_LIC_CONNECTION_PROBLEM or Adobe Signing Server returns No Running error
  40. E_LIC_LICENSE_SIGN_ERROR from Adobe Content Server
  41. E_LIC_WRONG_OPERATOR_KEY Error from Adobe Content Server
  42. E_PACK_DATABASE Error from Adobe Content Server packaging
  43. E_PACK_DUPLICATE_SRC Packaging Error
  44. E_PACK_ERROR "MALFORMED" or "NullPointerException"
  45. E_PACK_ERROR null error from packaging books in ACS
  46. E_PACK_INCORRECT_FORMAT error from packaging
  47. E_URLLINK_AUTH error from ACS download link
  50. EPUB file failed to package - Error about incorrect language field
  51. Foreign Key Constraint Error when trying to delete resources in ACS
  52. Fulfillment status check 500 error - P12 BadPaddingException: Given final block not properly padded
  53. Fulfillment status check returns HTTP error code -500 or 404
  54. GBLINK_AUTH_SIGNATURE_NOMATCH error with ACS GBLink sent through email
  55. IO Error on Network Request? Error #2038
  56. Java Memory Error, Packaging Large Files
  57. Login Error: Change or Reset Admin Console Password
  58. MySQL error in your SQL syntax, check manual for “????”
  59. Packaging error, E_PACK_FILE_READ Permission Denied
  60. Print or copy permission shows zero pages in ADE on second device or computer
  61. Required Property Missing, ACS Status Check returns 404 error
  62. Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream
  64. XMLSigningSerializer.php generates incorrect <hmac> code in ACS

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