Reader Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Reader Mobile SDK (RMSDK) is a source code implementation of Adobe System's eBook document engine. The engine provides the ability to:

  • Interpret and render PDF documents
  • Interpret and render of EPUB files
  • Support Adobe Content Server 4 DRM
  • Support integration with Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)

To learn more about Reader Mobile SDK visit the Adobe Systems blog.

The SDK is delivered as C++ source code with reference ports for Linux on ARM, Windows Mobile, Apple iOS and Android.

Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), a generic electronic reader application that can be used to purchase and read ebooks, is provided by Adobe Systems and built using RMSDK. ADE is not tied to any book store, and cannot be branded or customized.

The Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology in RMSDK controls access to ePub and PDF files, and the product will render ePub and PDF documents containing Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters sets.

Datalogics provides developers support to get their applications to market as part of the standard license agreement. Datalogics can deliver fully functional viewers on a consulting basis.

To make sure that your custom viewer, built using RMSDK, will work with content licensed through Adobe Content Server, Datalogics provides developers with access to Adobe Content server for development and testing purposes and will certify applications and devices for Content Server compliance.

Free content delivered from your content server does not require a royalty per unit. Free content should be non-DRM books.

Reader Mobile SDK

  1. Reader Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK)
  2. Building RMSDK 9 or 10 with Android NDKr10
  3. Building OpenSSL and CURL for iOS 64-bit platform
  4. Certification
  5. Download file locations
  6. Languages supported by RMSDK
  7. Upgrading to the most recent version of libpng for RMSDK
  8. Activations
  9. Adobe ID and Vendor ID accounts
  10. Activating a device using book2png as a host
  11. Deactivating a device
  12. Guidelines for supporting multiple activations in RMSDK
  13. RMSDK and Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  14. Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)
  15. Processing an ePub file that is passhash protected
  16. Removing and re-installing an application
  17. Transferring eBook content
  18. Working with content restricted to a mobile device
  19. RMSDK Errors and Error Messages
  20. Activating devices using an Adobe ID, and potential problems
  21. Application times out when downloading large files
  22. Bus error when attempting to open eBook
  23. DL Reader fails. Error appears, "Class android.content.Context could not be found"
  24. E_ACT_NOT_READY error
  27. E ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED workflow SIGN_IN error
  28. Images are blank when opening a PDF document in Adobe Digital Editions
  29. No document generated for book2png fulfillment (Windows xp 32)
  30. RMSDK Build Error: LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'libeay32.lib'
  31. Slow performance, iPAD sample application
  32. Undefined reference to __dso_handle
  33. RMSDK: Rendering
  34. Applying a User Style Sheet (userStyle.CSS) to edit fonts and properties in an ePub file
  35. Displaying multiple pages in columns
  36. Displaying screen numbers
  37. Dynamically changing styles using the RMSDK userStyle.css style sheet
  38. Flash support in RMSDK
  39. Highlights with RMSDK
  40. Image Objects, Highlighting and the Hit test
  41. Rendering a password protected PDF document
  42. Threads and rendering in RMSDK

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