A Customer Use Case Example, iFlipd

iFlipd is an example of a customer integrating READynamic seamlessly into their own environment.

iFlipd is a textbook rental and sharing platform. Rather than buying expensive texts for college classes, students can use iFlipd to rent a textbook only for the weeks that a class is session, or for as long as the student needs the title, and then return it, at substantially lower cost. The service also allows students to “flip” eBooks. If a student rents a textbook through iFlipd for long enough, the student will end up owning the title. At that point the student would be able to share the same textbook with the rest of the local iFlipd community, renting it to other students for their use.

All of the shared books in this pay-as-you-go digital platform are stored in a central site for common access, giving students with iFlipd accounts access to thousands of digital textbooks. The service offers affordable weekly payments to users, easy access using any sort of computer or device (without a need to install an app), and tools both for taking study notes and for sharing those notes with others. iFlipd also provides social media tools, so that users can communicate with each other.

The vendor, iFlipd, is based in Portland, Oregon (https://iflipd.com). Customers that want to use both READynamic and iFlipd, such as a state university system, would contract with iFlipd to purchase both products, with Datalogics providing technical support for the READynamic features. iFlipd also provides an easy server integration for the customers to set up the service in their local environment.

A student using the environment would log on to the iFlipd web portal, with its rental and flip options displayed. The READynamic features for book, contact, and group management, and features to enhance electronic titles, are also offered, but transparently to the user.

Note that iFlipd is designed for a college or university environment, where students are required to buy textbooks. Most businesses seeking to use READynamic to create internal training materials, or training materials for sale, and for most primary and secondary school systems (public and private) where the school provides textbooks to students for free, iFlipd would not be relevant. In that case the customer (a business or school district) would contract with Datalogics to buy READynamic separately.

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