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  1. %%[ Error: undefined; OffendingCommand: ]%% error message when processing an EPS file with a bitmap image preview

  2. %%[ Warning: Empty job. No PDF file produced. ] %% error message

  3. A Customer Use Case Example, iFlipd

  4. ACS and eCommerce Stores

  5. Activating a device using book2png as a host

  6. Activating devices using an Adobe ID, and potential problems

  7. Activations

  8. Activations in Adobe RMSDK and Adobe Digital Editions

  9. Adding Digital Rights Management (DRM) permission tags to eBooks when packaging them

  10. Admin Console in ACS not handling large numbers of books

  11. Admin Console Login Error

  12. Adobe Content Server

  13. Adobe Content Server: Errors and Error Messages

  14. Adobe Content Server: General

  15. Adobe ID and Vendor ID accounts

  16. Adobe PDF Library: Color Processing

  17. Adobe PDF Library: Errors and Error Messages

  18. Adobe PDF Library: File Management

  19. Adobe PDF Library: File Size

  20. Adobe PDF Library: Fonts and CMaps

  21. Adobe PDF Library: Generating PDF Documents

  22. Adobe PDF Library: Graphics Processing

  23. Adobe PDF Library: Multi-Threading

  24. Adobe PDF Library: Page Processing

  25. Adobe PDF Library: Printing

  26. Adobe PDF Library: Properties and Metadata

  27. Adobe PDF Library: Rendering Functions

  28. Adobe PDF Library: Security and Permissions

  29. Adobe PDF Library: System Management and Processes

  30. Adobe PDF Print Engine (PPE)

  31. Adobe Vendor ID specifications

  32. After using PDPageDrawContentsToWindow(), all the previous rendered content on the device context is erased, even if the page is empty.

  33. Application throws an exception and returns "Error message: Incorrect PDEObject type"

  34. Application times out when downloading large files

  35. Applying a User Style Sheet (userStyle.CSS) to edit fonts and properties in an ePub file

  36. Are all versions of Adobe PDF Library and the .NET and Java Interfaces thread safe?

  37. Are there any problems nesting try/catch blocks and DURING/HANDLER blocks, especially using Visual Studio .NET?

  38. Building OpenSSL and CURL for iOS 64-bit platform

  39. Building RMSDK 9 or 10 with Android NDKr10

  40. Bus error when attempting to open eBook

  41. Can APDFL be used to simulate italic or bold if the system only has the regular typeface?

  42. Can APDFL open PDF documents from a memory stream (file in memory) rather than from disk?

  43. Can APDFL set text using base 14 fonts without corresponding fonts on the system?

  44. Can error messages from the Adobe PDF Library PDFLException class be presented in multiple languages, other than English?

  45. Can I access XFA forms using the Adobe PDF Library?

  46. Can I add barcodes to a PDF with the Adobe PDF Library?

  47. Can I determine the size of a PDF document before writing it?

  48. Can I extend the DLE .NET interface to include APDFL functions that are not yet supported?

  49. Can I extract data from a 2-D barcode found on a PDF form document?

  50. Can I extract information about all colors (process and custom) used in a PDF file without stepping through all elements of the PDF?

  51. Can I use PDPageDrawContentsToMemory to render the PDF to a B/W (1 bit) image?

  52. Can I use the Adobe PDF Library to convert different input formats to PDF?

  53. Can I use the Adobe PDF Library to display or edit PDF document properties?

  54. Can I use the Adobe PDF Library to update a PDF/A document without losing the PDF/A compliance for that document?

  55. Can I write PostScript output to a file and print it later?

  56. Can PDF Alchemist convert PDF forms to flattened, non-interactive HTML instead of HTML forms?

  57. Can the Adobe PDF Library create PDF/A Output automatically?

  58. Can the Adobe PDF Library create PDF/X output automatically?

  59. Can the Adobe PDF Library process FDF files?

  60. Can the Adobe PDF Library provide Reader Enablement for documents?

  61. Can the APDFL Java interface be used on CentOS?

  62. Can the background color of the buffer be set when rendering a PDF page?

  63. Can the Library convert PDF files to images?

  64. Can the Library convert Word documents to PDF?

  65. Can the Library process password protected files?

  66. Can the PDF be sent to a film plotter rather than a printer?

  67. Can the PDF Library be used to add trapping instructions to a PDF document?

  68. Can the PDF Library open PDF files with Unicode file names?

  69. Can the text be extracted from a PDF and stored in XML format?

  70. Can the user render the objects in a PDF document in a particular order?

  71. Certification

  72. Changing the fulfillment URL in ACS

  73. Combining multiple PostScript files into a single PDF document

  74. Configure Eclipse to Run the Java Samples on Windows

  75. Could not load database driver, ACS Status check 404/500 error

  76. Creating and setting links to double byte (CJKV) named filenames

  77. Creating Unicode bookmarks

  78. Deactivating a device

  79. Dealing with error messages in Normalizer when working with edited PostScript files

  80. Deleting a book from an iOS or Android device

  81. Describe the doRepair parameter on the PDDocOpen call

  82. Describe the PDF Package and the PDF Portfolio.

  83. Developing and Using Packaging Tools in ACS

  84. Displaying multiple pages in columns

  85. Displaying screen numbers

  86. DL Composer

  87. DL Pager

  88. DL Reader

  89. DL Reader fails. Error appears, "Class android.content.Context could not be found"

  90. Does PDF Alchemist convert PDF forms into HTML forms?

  91. Does the Library support trapping when printing PDF files?

  92. Download file locations

  93. Dynamically changing styles using the RMSDK userStyle.css style sheet

  94. E ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED workflow SIGN_IN error

  95. Enhancements to Normalizer by Datalogics

  96. EPUB file failed to package - Error about incorrect language field

  97. Explain iccProfilesDir and iccProfilesStandardFolders

  98. E_ACT_NOT_READY error

  99. E_ACT_SCHOOL_MODEL_INCOMPATIBLE_SOFT error, incorrect version of ADE



  102. E_ADEPT_CORE_LOAN_SIGNATURE error from Adobe Content Server



  105. E_ADEPT_DOCUMENT_TYPE_UNKNOWN error from ADE or other readers

  106. E_ADEPT_IO error from Adobe E-Book Reader Applications

  107. E_ADEPT_MISSING_ELEMENT from Adobe Content Server

  108. E_ADEPT_NO_TOKEN error Getting License: License Server Communication Problem:

  109. E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED: Ebook download error from ADE or other e-readers


  111. E_ADEPT_UNKNOWN and JsafeJCE provider self-integrity check failed

  112. E_ADEPT_UNKNOWN and Out of Memory error from ACS packaging



  115. E_LIC_CONNECTION_PROBLEM or Adobe Signing Server returns No Running error

  116. E_LIC_LICENSE_SIGN_ERROR from Adobe Content Server

  117. E_LIC_WRONG_OPERATOR_KEY Error from Adobe Content Server

  118. E_PACK_DATABASE Error from Adobe Content Server packaging

  119. E_PACK_DUPLICATE_SRC Packaging Error

  120. E_PACK_ERROR "MALFORMED" or "NullPointerException"

  121. E_PACK_ERROR null error from packaging books in ACS

  122. E_PACK_INCORRECT_FORMAT error from packaging

  123. E_URLLINK_AUTH error from ACS download link



  126. Fixes to Normalizer by Datalogics

  127. Flash support in RMSDK

  128. Font Resource Directories on Unix

  129. Foreign Key Constraint Error when trying to delete resources in ACS

  130. Fulfillment status check 500 error - P12 BadPaddingException: Given final block not properly padded

  131. Fulfillment status check returns HTTP error code -500 or 404

  132. GBLINK_AUTH_SIGNATURE_NOMATCH error with ACS GBLink sent through email

  133. Guidelines for placing text with the Datalogics Unicode APIs

  134. Guidelines for supporting multiple activations in RMSDK

  135. Highlights with RMSDK

  136. How can I change the PDF version number in my output files?

  137. How can I control image smoothing?

  138. How can I convert EPS files to PDF within my application?

  139. How can I create a bookmark in the PDF document that can lead to another page?

  140. How can I embed information in an existing PDF document and keep it private?

  141. How can I extract a reference to an image XObject in a page in a PDF document?

  142. How can I extract text from a PDF using the Java or .NET interface?

  143. How can I find all the links in a PDF document?

  144. How can I get DL Pager to typeset multiple lines of white text on a black background?

  145. How can I redact text in a PDF document?

  146. How can I separate all spot planes into separate PDFs?

  147. How can I specify "Print All Pages"?

  148. How can my application print a document created with DLI methods?

  149. How do I add annotations to graphs in PDF documents?

  150. How do I change the appearance of tables in PDF Alchemist's HTML output?

  151. How do I combine multiple PDF documents into one document?

  152. How do I extract the alternate color values of a separation color?

  153. How do I get PDF Alchemist to reference fonts that are on my target system, instead of using the fonts embedded in my PDF file?

  154. How do I insert an image into a PDF document?

  155. How do I print a PDF from Windows without using the PrintUserParameters structure?

  156. How do I program in DL Pager?

  157. How do I save the smallest PDF files possible?

  158. How do I specify PostScript or PCL print output?

  159. How do I subset a font using only the Adobe PDF Library?

  160. How do I work with PDF Internal Data Structures using PDFLInitHFT?

  161. How do I zoom in and out when displaying an eBook using a READynamic reader?

  162. How do you add JavaScript to a PDF so that it executes when opening?

  163. How do you calculate the PPI of a PDF image (XObject)?

  164. How does passhash work in Adobe Content Server and RMSDK reader applications?

  165. How does PDF Alchemist handle unembedded fonts in the input PDF file?

  166. How does READynamic process eBooks protected with Digital Rights Management (DRM)?

  167. How does the PDF Library work with a document's OutputIntent?

  168. How is PDFLPrintUserParamsRec.portName used by PDFLPrintDoc?

  169. How large can a PDF document be, in inches?

  170. How would I extract information about all colors (process and custom) used in a PDF document without needing to step through all of the elements in that document?

  171. I am missing content on a PDF page.

  172. I downloaded the READynamic Reader tool from the Windows Store, but this viewer seems to be only for users registered on the official READynamic site

  173. I have a PDF document that is locked to avoid editing. I have the password, but I want to change the password and permissions.

  174. I use Document.Print in DLE. Can I set/control the N-up setting when printing?

  175. I'm building an Adobe PDF Library application, not a plug-in. Should I use the HFT init or the PLUGIN definition used by the Library sample programs?

  176. Image Objects, Highlighting and the Hit test

  177. Images are blank when opening a PDF document in Adobe Digital Editions

  178. Including PDF Java Toolkit in an existing Maven project

  179. Installation Requirements

  180. Introduction to Normalizer

  181. IO Error on Network Request? Error #2038

  182. Is a digitally signed version of the PDF Library available?

  183. Is it difficult to migrate our Pager applications from OpenVMS to Windows or Solaris?

  184. Is it possible to delete or replace text in a PDF document?

  185. Is it possible to get the data points for a PDE Path?

  186. Is it possible to specify an older PDF version compliance level with a newer Adobe PDF Library release?

  187. Is the Adobe Color Engine replaceable with the ICM2.0 engine from Windows and vice versa?

  188. Is the PDFEdit layer robust enough to use for higher level editing of PDF files, as opposed to using the content streams directly?

  189. Is there a simple way to identify a file as being a PDF?

  190. Is there a way to pass text strings to Pager from the PKC file?

  191. Is there a way to render intrinsic PDF thumbnails similar to the way PDPageDrawContentsToMemory renders pages?

  192. Is there a way to tell DL Pager to ignore a format call when "IG" doesn't work?

  193. Is there any other way to trap an exception besides DURING/HANDLER constructs?

  194. Java Memory Error, Packaging Large Files

  195. Join Account Workflow and Multiple Activations

  196. Languages supported by RMSDK

  197. Login Error: Change or Reset Admin Console Password

  198. Managing subset characters when embedding fonts in a PDF document.

  199. Memory leaks in iOS devices

  200. Menu options and deleting books on a Windows device or Windows tablet

  201. Missing Fonts when Printing

  202. MySQL error in your SQL syntax, check manual for “????”

  203. No document generated for book2png fulfillment (Windows xp 32)

  204. Normalizer System Requirements

  205. Offending Command error message

  206. Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)

  207. Opening NOOK books in Adobe Digital Editions

  208. Packaging error, E_PACK_FILE_READ Permission Denied

  209. Parse error appears while installing DL Reader application

  210. PDDocColorConvertPage and de-calibration

  211. PDF Compatibility, Adobe Digital Editions and Adobe Content Server

  212. PDF document, when opened, shows gray boxes instead of content

  213. Print or copy permission shows zero pages in ADE on second device or computer

  214. Problem with APDFL multi-threaded application working with IBM AIX

  215. Processing an ePub file that is passhash protected

  216. Reader Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK)

  217. READynamic

  218. Release Notes

  219. Removing and re-installing an application

  220. Removing the Adobe Digital Edition authorization when it fails (erase authorization)

  221. Removing the PDF/A schema using the PDF Library Java and .NET interfaces

  222. Rendering a password protected PDF document

  223. Replacing an Existing Book in ACS

  224. Required Property Missing, ACS Status Check returns 404 error

  225. Requirements and recommended tools

  226. RMSDK and Digital Rights Management (DRM)

  227. RMSDK Build Error: LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'libeay32.lib'

  228. RMSDK Errors and Error Messages

  229. RMSDK: Rendering

  230. Searching Font Resource Directories when Adobe PDF Library Initializes

  231. Setting up ACS with Microsoft SQL Server Database

  232. Setting up Books for Loan in ACS

  233. Slow performance, iPAD sample application

  234. Sometimes my HTML output is missing some text that is in Chinese, Japanese or Korean (CJK) fonts. What can cause this and how can it be fixed?

  235. Sometimes the text in my HTML output comes out scrambled or inaccurate. What causes this?

  236. Sony DADC User Rights Management Solution (URMS)

  237. System Requirements

  238. System Requirements, the Adobe PDF Library

  239. System Requirements, the Adobe PDF Library .NET and Java Interfaces

  240. The Adobe PDF Library and Windows support

  241. The Java and .NET ImageExtraction sample program fails to extract all of the images found in a PDF document.

  242. The Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi) and Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit

  243. The values returned from PDPageGetBBox don't match the page size values shown by Acrobat.

  244. Threads and rendering in RMSDK

  245. Transferring eBook content

  246. Troubleshooting the samples

  247. Undefined reference to __dso_handle

  248. Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream

  249. Unresolved external symbol error message

  250. Updating ACS to work with the MD5 algorithm after Oracle April 2017 patches 7u141 and 8u131

  251. Upgrading ACS from 4.0 to 4.1 or 4.2, and to 5.0, 6.0, and 6.5

  252. Upgrading to the latest release

  253. Upgrading to the most recent version of libpng for RMSDK

  254. Using Adobe Systems logos and trademarks

  255. Using Normalizer and APDFL in the same application

  256. Using the Talkeetna FontSetLoader

  257. Vendor ID Workflow

  258. We need to create a custom READynamic environment, with more than one independent section on our site.

  259. We see temporary files being written to disk while using the in-memory file system.

  260. What API or procedure can retrieve the ICC Profile Name associated with an ICC-Based element?

  261. What are the differences between PDPageGetMediaBox and PDPageGetSize?

  262. What calibrations are used when ripping a PDPage in memory?

  263. What COS objects need to be released or destroyed after generating PDF documents?

  264. What do the elements a, b, c, d, h, v mean in a matrix like the ASFixedMatrix?

  265. What does PDDocInsertPages do internally?

  266. What does the transparencyQuality setting in the PrintDPF sample do?

  267. What graphics formats are supported for input?

  268. What is the cause of most text positioning errors in DL Pager markup?

  269. What is the difference between a text watermark created by Acrobat and one created by the Adobe PDF Library PDDocAddWatermarkFromText API?

  270. What is the difference between font embedding and font subsetting?

  271. What method should I use to draw a complete defined color image to memory?

  272. What support does the Library have for 3D graphics?

  273. What type of password encryption does the PDF Library support?

  274. When are fonts and CMaps needed as resources?

  275. When building my APDFL app, can I shorten the Struct Member Alignment in the Code Generation entry of my Visual Studio project properties?

  276. When does the Library read into memory the resources for a PDF page, and when will it release those resources from memory?

  277. When I copy a list from PDF Alchemist's HTML output into a program such as Microsoft Word, why do the list items sometimes have two different bullet characters?

  278. When I render a PDF that is a dynamic XFA form, I see an error message: "Warning: This form is not supported with the current version of Acrobat or Acrobat Reader"

  279. When printing, how can I expand an undersized document page to fit the paper?

  280. When rendering a page to Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), are transparent objects flattened?

  281. When running the DLE Java samples on the Mac, I am getting an "Exception in thread 'main' java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no com-datalogics-DL81PDFL in java.library.path."

  282. When starting the Library on a 64 bit system, I see an initialization error.

  283. Where do I find documentation for PDF Java Toolkit?

  284. Which API do I use to split a PDF file?

  285. Which is the best way to create a PDF document with optional content groups or "Layers"?

  286. Why are some links missing when enumerating annotations in a PDF?

  287. Why are we getting dark pages, patterns and grid lines when compressing a scanned document?

  288. Why aren't some changes to Java and .NET objects reflected in PDF output?

  289. Why do I get junk characters for some PDF documents when extracting text using the WordFinder?

  290. Why do I see the error “Can't load AMD 64-bit .dll on a IA 32-bit platform” when running a 64-bit APDFL Windows Java application?

  291. Why does my application hang or crash during Linearization?

  292. Why does PDPageAcquirePDEContent API occasionally return a NULL?

  293. Why does the PDPageDrawContentsToWindow method render annotations on a PDF page, but PDPageDrawContentsToWindowEx will not?

  294. Why is DL Pager producing output that is incorrect, when I have a bar code font?

  295. Working with content restricted to a mobile device

  296. Working with EPUBVER

  297. Working with multi-threaded applications on HP-UX

  298. Working with Readium

  299. Working with the Evaluation Version of Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit


  301. XMLSigningSerializer.php generates incorrect <hmac> code in ACS

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